About Jake

Jake is a harmonica player from Louisville, KY who tours internationally with Canadian Country/Western artist Colter Wall. He can be heard on several of Colter’s releases, as well as recordings by other Americana artists (see playlist below for full catalog). Jake also plays with regional artist Tyler Lance Walker Gill’s band, The Wolfm’n, and is constantly sitting in and working with new artists.

Starting out, Jake was inspired by Bob Dylan to take up the harmonica, but quickly discovered its special role in blues music. Having already fallen in love with country blues artists like Skip James, jumping into Chicago blues style harmonica was not a big leap. With the help of the recordings of Little Walter et al, and the recent proliferation of online harmonica learning resources (mainly Howard Levy’s Harmonica School on artistworks.com), Jake was able to hone his craft over the last 10 years or so. He will never stop striving to improve, however!

Nowadays, Jake takes his inspiration mainly from country and old time players, such as Deford Bailey, Charlie McCoy, Buddy Greene, Doc Watson, and many others. However, blues greats such as Little Walter and Gary Primich’s playing may still be heard in his style. The harmonica is thriving like it hasn’t in a long long time, and Jake is thrilled to be a part of the renaissance.

Jake is endorsed by Hohner Harmonicas and has played them his entire career as a harmonica player. For the best sound you gotta play the best! He teaches harmonica via video conference or in person at the Louisville Folk School. Contact him directly for information on rates and times. Also, if you need session harmonica work for your recording, don’t be afraid to reach out! Jake can record remotely as well.

Apart from his harmonica playing, Jake also writes songs and plays guitar, and one day hopes to have his own album out that combines all aspects of his musical personality. He is a radio DJ on Louisville’s 97.1 WXOX-LP. You can hear his shows Fridays 10am – noon eastern time on the airwaves in Louisville. You can listen from anywhere via the ArtxFM app or go to artxfm.com. Shows are uploaded to mixcloud.com/faintofharp and mixcloud.com/jakesjumble, respectively. In his free time Jake enjoys golfing, doing yoga, doing crossword puzzles, hanging out with his cats and spending time with his family and friends.

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